Waterfall Colors & Information


The simulated rock fountains and waterfalls come in three colors:



Desert Sand


Iron Rock




Waterfall Oasis, Inc. has developed a way that you can bring the sounds of nature into your home, garden, office, or your favorite place you like to relax and unwind from the stresses in the day. These waterfalls are so light that you can take them, and place them wherever your heart desires!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Finished On All Sides
Three Colors to Choose From (seen on this page)
Can be used Indoors or Outdoors
Completely Self-Contained
Three-year Limited Warranty
Magnetic-driven Pump Included (One-year Warranty)
No Assembly Required (Add Water and Plug-in)

Commonly Asked Questions: 

What are the Waterfall Oasis Inc. products made of?

All of these fountains and waterfalls are made from high-density urethane foam. 
On the surface is a rock coating invented by Waterfall Oasis, Inc.
How much do they weight?

Depending on the model selected, 3 Lbs. to 150 Lbs. without water.
What assembly is required?

No assembly is required, although some units require pump installation. 
Just add water and plug in. Use rocks to hide the pump to get the 
desired look. Waterfalls recycle their water which will eventually 
evaporate. Just add more water.
Can they be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, you can place them indoors or outdoors. The "Real Rock" look 
finish is designed for all conditions. They are also designed for 
minimal splashing. See warranty.
Will they crack or freeze?

The product designs are made with the correct amount of flexibility and 
rigidity to handle all climates. Waterfall Oasis Inc. provides a 3-year 
limited warranty on their products.
How long does the pump last?

Pumps last 3 to 5 years with regular maintenance. Important: Pumps must 
be completely submerged in water while running. Pumps are warranted for 
1 year. Pumps are energy efficient.
What kind of maintenance is required?

Completely replace water once a month. Take rocks out, empty the water,
and soak up the excess water with a sponge. Chemicals are available for 
algae and hard water prevention.
Will the product fade?

Normal wear such as algae and hard water stains will determine the look 
of the waterfall over the years. They take on a more natural look.
Can you put fish or real plants in the waterfall?

Fish can be put in the pond, but you must cover the pump with real rock 
to break up the current as not to tire out the fish. The waterfall will 
require more maintenance with the addition of fish and live plants. Fish 
are not recommended for the tabletop waterfalls. 
Can they be punctured?

Yes, but not easily. A very sharp object such as a knife, or pointed 
shovel can penetrate the material. We do have touch-up kits for repairs.