Copper Fountain Finishes

Several finishes are available that can change the appearance of your copper fountain to the look you desire.   Below, you will see the finishes that are available with our fountains.  Much like silver tarnishes and steel rusts, copper will also oxidize and eventually acquire a blue-green verdigris patina when exposed to oxygen. 

Light Dapple Spray
(Light dapple spray of reagent over
natural copper - generally shiny, but helps mask
any fingerprints, spots, etc.)
Heavy Dapple Spray
(Heavier dapple spray of reagent -
looks pitted, but it isn't!)

Chemical Aging
(Liquid Liver of Sulfur sprayed on the natural
copper - the longer it stays on, the darker the aging)

Patterns / Designs
Normally free drawn using a hard paste of a
reagent that will blacken the copper and hasten
the natural green verdigris patina

Logo Applications
Normally done with vinyl applications which stick very solidly to the copper (can be used on most finishes above).  A wide range of colors and fonts are available.  Submit the lettering and your design logo, and we should be able to produce for you a great business fountain!)


Stencil Designs
Basically, the opposite of the logo process, we can do just about any design imaginable.  We apply a sheet of adhesive vinyl that has been cut with the desired design, peal off the "negative" leaving the areas to be darkened exposed.  Then we apply the darkening reagents to the exposed copper, and the longer the reagent stays, the darker the silhouette effect becomes.  Use your imagination, because we can stencil just about any shape!