The Harvey Collection
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How to Customize an Order

Once you decide upon a particular sculpture, customizing it is easy!  Usually customizing can be reduced to changes in:  SIZE  *  COLOR *  ADDITIONS.  Here's how we work together to create your unique blend:

With most sculpture, just tell us what height and width you want.  (For freestanding sculpture, depth can be a factor). 
If you are uncertain about the right size sculpture for a particular area, tell us the size of the area where you intend to hang it and we can advise you.  For instance, if you’ll be hanging your sculpture over a three-cushion sofa, usually 4.5 to 5.5 feet wide is desirable and if you have an 8 foot ceiling, approximately 3 feet high.
You can send swatches or paint chips. Or you can describe the colors verbally. (We understand what dusty mauve is.  We know pale seafoam) Or if you like, you can email us your colors. Any way you can communicate your colors requirements is fine with us.

These include birds, suns, leaves, butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, etc. for a traditional piece.  Example:  “ I love birds!  Add another five birds!  And while you’re at it, add some cat tails and dragonflies.”  (They do cost a little extra, but that’s only fair)

Additions to abstracts aren’t any more difficult:  Example:  “I Like your abstract entitled: Flags of New York!  But can you add a handful of circles to soften it?  Oh, and throw in a big triangle just to be different!” 

In short, there is almost no addition, deletion, change in size or color that we can’t accommodate.  All you have to do is tell us!

Once your sculpture is finished, we email you a digital photo of your piece.  Our batting average is close to 100%.  And if there’s something you want to change or add or delete, let us know at that time.  We will make the changes and email you a second photo.  This insures you can order with confidence, knowing you will see precisely what you are getting, before it arrives. 


Many of our custom pieces go way beyond just changing size or color or shape of an existing piece.  Many are one-of-a-kind unique pieces made just for you. Here are some examples of dreams we've helped bring to reality:

A woman wanted a spray of cabbage roses for her bedroom, with the roses to match the color
and design on the bedspread.
 A urologist wanted a urological sculpture for his office.
 A family with a shore house wanted their sailboat depicted along with clouds, a setting sun,
and flock of sandpipers.
 A golfer wanted himself depicted on the 9th hole with his clubhouse in the background.
 A dentist wanted a cheerful fountain for his waiting room, (noisy to mask the screaming)
 A restaurant wanted copper lobsters, a copper pizza, brass tuna, and a bronze octopus for their lobby.
 A dog breeder wanted a scene depicting his breed for the entryway.

Contact at 800-419-1130 or by email:  They will register you directly with our studios.  We will then work directly with you to customize your sculpture!

So let your mind and imagination go... and we'll look forward to working together to translate your ideas into a unique sculpture... just for you.