Marble Color Groups

See actual quarry photos!


The images below are block samples of the marbles used in our larger carved items such as Statues, Busts, Urns, Columns, etc.   We've tried to match the colors here on the site with the actual color as closely as possible.  Because marble is natural stone, actual colors, grain textures, and appearance will vary from piece to piece.  

Sichuan Marble
Our purest, whitest marble - generally
used only for premium white busts
Premium Hunan
White with very light graining and widely
used for statues, busts, fireplaces, etc.
Mid Hunan
White with medium graining- mostly
black in color
Standard Hunan
Medium to heavy graining- mostly
white with black
Slate Gray
Various Gray shades
graining - veining generally white
Black Marble
Mostly black in color - some inclusion of
dark graining
Brown Marble
Generally  brown, some light inclusions,
Smaller supply, generally used in small
objects or bust clothing.
Distinguished by layering and contrasting
colors ranging from reds to tans
Brown-Black Aggregate
Mostly brown, but with a mix of generally
black small black inclusions.

Brown-Gray Lrg Aggregate
White with medium graining- mostly
black in color
Patch Aggregate
 Patches of colors - ranging from pinks, rust,  grays, oranges.
Patch Aggregate
This shot was take about 6 inches away from
the sample to the left...see what we mean?


Remember, all marble is a natural
rock, and like the graining on a piece
of wood, no two pieces will ever
be the same, nor can we predict
graining while carving.

An example would be carving a
white statue and as the face is being
carved, a light graining cuts through
the happens and there is
nothing we can do to change that.

Green Granite
White with medium graining- mostly
black in color
  Orange-Black Granite
Mostly orange, but some graining, ranging from
light to heavy, of black inclusions

Brown-White Marble
Heavy graining in brown and white
Beige hues, pockets of holes - pretty but
not recommended for statues
Peach colored with medium to heavy graining
and inclusions

Rosette - our newest find!  Can be used with any carving even large items.  Pinkish colored with medium to heavy graining and inclusions

The colors represented here are all naturally occurring in the quarries and production facilities we deal with. These samples are from close-up photos of the actual marble that has been polished.  Other colors may be available from time-to-time. 

See actual quarry photos!

Remember - no two pieces of marble look the same!  Just like wood has grains that will look different from piece to piece, so to is marble.  Because it is a naturally occurring rock, the grains, veins, and colors will always vary.